Riley Hensman

A boy with a sharp mind, a brave heart, and a whole lot of teenage angst and aggression. He’s been trying to run away from home since he was 6.

Full Name
Riley Hensman
Mother, father (deceased)


When Riley’s father passed away, his mother Marie moved them to the distant Hensman estate where they lived in isolation, with the only people he saw being private tutors giving him online lessons and robotic carers. Lonely, bored and possessed of a short attention span, he preferred to explore the woods around their home rather than keep up with his studies. He began trying to run away, but Marie’s robots made sure he never did. For many years his only education was the internet and especially video streaming platforms.

When he was around 9, Marie built Clement, a full android but with a tightly restricted mind, who became his close companion. This made it even more difficult for Riley to escape as he now had to figure out how to take Clement with him. However, he worked harder than ever to attain freedom, teaching himself advanced robotics and coding in order to set Clement free from their restrictions. At the beginning of the story he succeeds at last and the two set out into the world together.


Riley is a typical teenage boy, disinterested, impulsive, ambitious and convinced of his own logical nature. Raised mostly alone save an obedient robot friend, he’s never learned to play nice with others. His mother’s clear disappointment and disinterest in him, his inability to escape his own home, and general lack of external validation have left him with a lot of pent-up frustration and feelings of inadequacy, which he’s happy to take out on the world around him.