Elsworth "Athène" Beldame

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An ex-scion to a disgraced noble house who wants enough money to be a noble in their own right.

Elsworth Beldame
Known As
Mid to late 20s
Pleasure (Fashion)


Athène always desires victory; they want to succeed and prove themselves, and they hate the thought of failure. They believe, perhaps a little too strongly, in their ability to talk themselves out of trouble.

There are lines that they will not cross; involving people they consider “innocents” is distasteful; they’ll steal from whomever, but there’s a difference in taking property (easily replaceable) and people (that’s a whole ass person what the fuck). Some of it is practical concerns (how the fuck are you supposed to house a whole ass person?) while some of it is moral (that’s a whole ass person).

They do not consider themselves cruel or sadistic; they take what they want and will lie to do so, but there’s a difference between causing suffering as a side effect and wanting people to suffer. While they are fine with the former, as it’s an unfortunate consequence of living, the latter is something they want no part in.


Athène is the eldest child of Laureano and Jolanté Beldame. They have only one sibling, Endiamo Beldame, their younger sister by eight years. Athène started venturing away from home at an early age, taking to roaming the streets more and more after their fifteenth birthday.

One of the people they met, and the only one they really kept up with, was Myrric “Lefty” Walker. Lefty was named as such after an incident in school where he caused a domino chain of destruction simply by tripping at the back of the lunch line. While the story has been (mostly) forgotten, the nickname has renamed.

The two bonded over their penchant for wearing any and all clothing whenever they felt like it, no matter the occasion. The day they met, Athène was wearing a polka-dotted waistcoat over a turtleneck embroidered with roses and a long, striped skirt. Lefty was wearing vibrant green tights beneath tangerine coloured poofy shorts and a paisley patterned button down, all under a trench coat. It was a match made in hell.

The longer Athène roamed on the streets, the more their relationship with their family soured, and eventually they became disowned in all but name. They cannot rely on their family for anything, nor do they want to; they’d rather work overtime at their parttime job as a library assistant (which they hate) than ask their family for help.

They will reach their goals without them.