Remira Ankhayat

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An economic immigrant willing to put their skills as a Leech to any cause that will help the people they really care about.

Remira Ankhayat
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Remira’s life has always revolved around sacrificing her safety to help someone else, whether it’s venturing into decaying ancient structures for valuable scrap or rough jobs around the edge of Doskvol. She can be a little shortsighted and very unwilling to rely on others, but a reliable friend who will go slightly too far to help others out.

Her strong sense of duty overpowers moral concerns, preferring to stay in the moment than consider whether her actions are “wrong” or “right” - if it gets food on the table and some money to her family, it’s worth doing.

She will just as easily put her friends in danger as herself, assuming noone to really be fundamentally different from her, just in different places at different times. She slightly looks down on the rest of her crew for what she perceives as childish inexperience, and gives undue respect to those older than her.


Remira grew up in the plains of Severos, the oldest child in a large family of four parents and six children. She was especially close with her only brother Saša (short for Alexander), 6 years younger and the fourth in age of the Ankhayat children, and was constantly performing increasingly dangerous stunts for his entertainment, losing the fifth finger of her right hand and an eye over the course of her childhood. At age 15, their family was hit with a particularly harsh summer and upon realising they did not have the supplies to hold out through until the next, Remira took up voluntary exile with her sister Socheata, her clothes and a steel pipe, hoping to send anything she made their way.

The first year was tough but having survived the winter the sisters were filled with an unstoppable attitude, fighting their way onto trains servicing the cities of Akoros and finally resting in a parlour in the Nightmarket. From there she worked hard jobs, mainly in Coalridge and Gaddoc but occasionally the Docks and Eeleries of Dunslough, making an especially close drinking buddy in a blood dealer named Jun while Socheata worked tables in Charterhall and eventually Brightstone.

Somewhere along the line, Socheata and Remira grew apart, their work not overlapping and Remira’s coarse appearence being less tasteful to the nobles in Brightstone for Remira to come and visit.

It took her six years to realise not a cent of her earnings had made it out of the city. She had been talking with Jun about their shared acquaintance Eckerd who had been paying him to dig up corpses when Jun asked why Remira was still sleeping rough after a couple years of decent work. Jun knew her broker Malisis' reputation as a serial extortionist, and inflamed, Remira broke in to their house with vengeance in her heart.

Ten years on, Remira is still good friends with Jun and still drops by Malisis' place occasionally, knowing some of the other regulars and having a taste for some of the exotic consumables Malisis has on offer. She still sleeps rough sending money off to a family long passed away during that harsh winter 16 years prior, but less rough since meeting [sid’s character] and the rest of the Keys. Having found a new family to fight for might be the key she needs to let the dead rest.