Chicken Nuggets

The adventures of Clement the robot and their troublesome friend Riley ported across different universes.


Clement and Riley started out as a Porygon2 and Tyrunt in PMD:Unity, a DeviantArt Pokemon roleplay group. Cute.

The two as Pokemon


Riley was the sheltered and spoilt son of a rich Dragon-type family. He had a common genetic condition which meant he would turn into a “wild” Pokemon if he didn’t spend enough time with others, but it wouldn’t do for the family heir to get too close to outsiders, so instead his parents bought him Clement, a robot that could help suppress the condition. The two grew up together as good friends.

Riley eventually grew tired of his sheltered life and ran away to join the Adventurers' Guild in search of glory. Clement came with him, of course. They went on various adventures to help the people of their town, including defeating a minor villain, the Rotom Kay, who was intrigued after recognising that she and Clement were both robots who escaped from the same creator. Kay decided to befriend them, though it is debatable whether she succeeded.

Unbeknownst to Riley, Clement had been delivering reports back to Riley’s parents all this time, having promised to keep him safe until he grew tired of freedom and returned home again. However, both of them were still enjoying their life at the Guild. When Clement was eventually ordered to bring Riley back home, they refused.

Riley’s parents went to Clement’s mysterious creator for help and they quickly tracked the pair down. As a result, Riley found out about Clement’s betrayal and they fought before being separated. Clement was taken back to the facility where they were created. Kay saved Riley from being taken home and the two of them went to rescue Clement.

Meanwhile Clement was learning more about the circumstances of their creation…

The Daws Game

Clement in the Daws Game

The Daws Game was a science-fantasy roleplay game run by a friend. In this game, Clement was a humanoid robot of mysterious origin whose main drive was to serve and protect others. Unfortunately, their only skill with which to do so was a bit of basic first aid. Worse, they had a glitch which meant that whenever they couldn’t protect people from getting hurt they would become incapacitated with horror and quack like a duck. These episodes would last until the situation was resolved or they were exposed to cute and soothing things. Despite this, they tried to act logically and fulfil their drive at all times.

Meanwhile, Riley was a delusional villain who used his father’s connections to steal powerful necromantic secrets. He was quickly caught though due to being quite small and stupid. Due to his privilege he was released on probation, and Clement was re-purposed by the police to keep watch on him. The two became friends, but eventually Riley escaped from Clement and the police and became involved in worse villainy.

Clement was assigned to track him down and became involved with a team of superheroes (the player characters) along the way. Eventually they found him, but he died as a result of his own magical attempts to gain power and Clement died trying to rescue him. Clement’s brain would later be used as part of a superweapon, allowing them to come back as a tortured angsty villain and fight what remained of their former teammates.

Clement as Always

Clement as Always is the latest and most developed Chicken Nuggets story. It’s a sci-fi BL story set in a dystopian future where humanoid robots are playthings of the rich.

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